Transform the experience into knowledge.



In 2015, Fauzi Yusoff did a research on the education systems in Malaysia. He’s been doing part-time lecturing in 6 local universities, 15 subjects and more than 2000++ students under his supervision from 2016 – 2024.
He’s been teaching in:

1. Multimedia University (MMU) [2022 – 2024]
2. Sunway University [2022 – 2024]
3. Taylor’s University [2020 – 2024]
4. Tunku Abdul Rahman University of Management & Technology (TARUMT) [2017 – 2024]
5. KDU University College (KDUUC) [2018]
6. Dasein Academy of Art [2016]

The main reason he invested his 7 years in education industries is to study about the future markets.

He believe students are a great persona to learn from because they’re the supply chain of the next future markets.

In order to up the game, he’s been firming the next upcoming strategies. From the current grooming talents and market resources, he’s now developing new trends for the future markets.

Case Studies:

How education fields influence
the future talents & creative economy markets?