Q: Who is Fauzi Yusoff?

A: Fauzi Yusoff is a director & design consultant based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

He’s specializing in creative direction & design consultancy to helps clients in visualizing ideas and transforms the strategies into design aesthetics for the user experience.


Q: What he’d done so far?

A: Over the past 15 years, he’s been working as a creative director at EFOZY and 5 years lecturing in Universities.

The collaborative team at EFOZY has built up an exclusive portfolio of works with various clients.

A part of that, in 2013, he initiated VGA Fest; a festival focused on visual graphics arts communities.

Throughout the years, he’s been involved in various advertising campaigns and creative festivals in local and International creative industries.


Q: What does he offer?

A: With more than 15 years experience in local and International creative industries, Fauzi Yusoff actively working as a design consultant in multiple platforms of clients based to generate a creative convergent innovation creation for a future trend.

Working closely with clients in constructing strategies giving him advantages to develop generative ideas.

From the advertising campaigns to various executions such as UI/UX and media contents development, what’s most important to him is to emphatize user’s experience.

His main focus now is to study future target market research in the creative economy.


Q: What he’s been up to now?

A: Today, his work continues to explore the possibilities of visual graphics invention into seeking innovative forms for user experiences.

He’s looking forward to expanding his network and explore new experience and knowledge into new benchmarks with potential clients.


Q: Why do you need to hire Fauzi Yusoff for jobs & projects?

A: Most of the clients’ business nowadays are still practicing the same business module as their brand’s philosophy. Thus it’s hard for them to innovate and move on into a new wave of unpredictable future market trends.

Without breaking the pattern, it’s a struggle to differentiate between their brand’s direction and their competitors.

What you need is a new energy to evolve without compromising your philosophy’s values into a brand new strategic direction.

Starting from a small step and leading towards the bigger goals, Fauzi Yusoff come in a picture as a ‘business-therapy-strategist’ to bounce and reflect your point of view into a great sparring idea development for your branding establishment & advertising campaigns.


Q: How to connect with him?

A: Voice out your ideas and let’s get in touch!

Yes, tell him your stories! 🙂