Creative Direction & Design Consultancy


Fauzi Yusoff is a director & design consultant based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

He’s specializing in creative direction & design consultancy
to helps clients in visualizing ideas and transforms
the strategies into design aesthetics for
the user experience

Masterclass Training

Creative Social Media Design – An Intensive Masterclass Training with Fauzi Yusoff

Belajar cara mudah dan berkesan untuk menggabungkan fotografi dan grafik design

Recent/ Past Talk


Constructive Workflow
The constructive workflow starts with the way you think. To make your work more productive, it is important to synchronize
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Creative Communication
In any forms of communication, the most important part is to understand. Creative communication is a way to connects with your target
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Smart Consumerism
Nowadays, gaining the trust and loyalty of modern consumers has become more intense than it used to be. With the
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Innovative Future Market Trends
Creating a new business module for future market trends are defined by how you understand and evaluate your target markets.
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