Terang Hati


Project: Terang Hati
Client: Astro Oasis
Year: 2019
Director: Fauzi Yusoff
Agency: Gambo.tv
Producer: Azrai Fahmi
D.O.P: Idham Mad Din
Visual Mapping: EFOZY
Job description: Concept & Direction, Visual Graphic & Content Development

“Terang Hati” is a conceptualize Azan video which highlights a blind person who reads the Azan through Braille codes. The idea of this project is to empathize the blind person’s visualization when he performs the Azan as a Bilal. Based on the interview, he only ‘see’ the shape of the Braille codes in his mind whenever he recites the Quran. Therefore the visual images of the Braille codes had been visualize as the stars that highlighting the Universe.

Pre-Production: Content sequence mood-board
Production: Pre-recording visuals & structure setups
Production: Live Visual Mapping setups
Post-Production: Offline & Online Editing