Q: Who is Fauzi Yusoff?

A: Fauzi Yusoff is a director & curator based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

He explores audiovisual aesthetics crossing into new media technology.


Q: What he’d done so far?

A: Throughout the decade, he’s been involved in various talks, screening, live visuals performances in local and International creative festivals.

Fauzi Yusoff, leading visual artist and director of EFOZY, remains passionate for futuristic visual creations in multiple platforms. The collaborative team at EFOZY has built up an exclusive portfolio of works with various clients. In 2013, he initiated VGA Fest; a festival focused on visual graphics arts communities.


Q: What he’s been up to now?

A: With more than 12 years experience in local and International creative industries, Fauzi Yusoff continues to pursue his passion by contributing back to the society especially in education by giving a lecture in local universities and actively generate a creative convergent innovation creation for future trends.

Today, his work continues to explore the possibilities of visual graphics invention into seeking innovative forms for user experiences. He’s looking forward to expanding his expertise into a new form of works with potential clients.


Q: How to connect with him?

A: “It’s not about the answer, it’s about asking the right question.”

— #designthinking

Yes, tell him your stories! 🙂